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Packaging/what to include:

Package your firearm and all parts safely and protected to prevent damages during the shipping process. GA Firing Line assumes no liability for any loss or damages incurred to your property during transit to or from our facilities.  To minimize the potential risk involved we ask that you do not send any items other than the parts pertaining to services being rendered. DO NOT ship extra backstraps, locks, or ammunition of any kind etc. Please include a detailed list of any and all parts you are sending, a copy of your order sheet, and a copy of your drivers license in the package with the parts and or firearm. This will let us know who they belong to and what services are going to be performed while at our facilities. If you are shipping from an FFL please include a copy of your FFLs license. Please note that not including a copy of your order form will delay your services.  




Shipping to us:

GA Firing Line is an FFL and since the gun belongs to you, it's not necessary for you to go through a gun shop or FFL to ship to us.  You can send it directly to us and we will return it directly to you.


Ship your parts insured to cover for loss or damage during shipping. You may ship parts via USPS, UPS, or FedEx. PLEASE NOTE: If you are sending us your lower, frame, or any serial numbered part that is considered a firearm it must be shipped PRIORITY overnight via FedEx or UPS only per the respective carriers policies. You may not ship a firearm or any serialized part via USPS.


Per ATF Regulations, your firearm must be returned to the address it was shipped from. If the return address on your shipping label does not match the return address provided, we need a written and signed letter to accompany your gun explaining the situation and including the following information: 


-Shipped from address: 

-Ship to address: 

-Short explanation on why we need to return the package to a different location.
(For example: "Shipped from local Fedex Office and will be returned to me at my place of work. I will be at this address to receive the package when it arrives.") Package your firearm safely and protect it as you see fit from damages during the shipping process. GA Firing Line assumes no liability for any loss or damages incurred to your property during transit to or from our facilities.


Email at or call us at 770-425-8461 to inform us that you are shipping your firearm so our gunsmithing department will know to expect its arrival.


Ship to:

ATTN: Gunsmithing

GA Firing Line

2727 Canton Rd.  Suite 410

Marietta, GA 30066



Completion of work:

Upon completion we will contact you via phone or email to review performance results of your firearm. At this time your  return shipping date will be confirmed and the firearm will be packaged for return accordingly.  We fully insure and require a direct signature for all packages leaving GA Firing Line. This cost is typically integrated within our shipping costs. If you would like to WAIVE DIRECT SIGNATURE on your package, please email GA Firing Line stating you are willing to waive the signature at your own risk.  This email for waiving can be sent to   Firearms and accessories will only be shipped to locations in the United States.  Ga Firing Line will comply with and abide by, all state and federal restrictions and regulations concerning or governing the sale and/or shipment of items on this site. 



If you should need to return any item you must first schedule a return authorization with GA Firing Line. Please call or Email to get a return authorization set up. All firearms returns must shipped in compliance with local, state and federal laws. Shipping charges and/or shipping costs are not subject to refund.


Limited Gunsmithing Warranty. GA Firing Line offers a limited warranty on all gunsmithing work.   For a period of 90 days from the date that an item upon which smith work has been performed is delivered to the customer, GA Firing Line will correct any defect in material or workmanship that arises through the normal, safe handling and use of the item as specified by the owner’s manual and the rules of gun safety promulgated by the National Rifle Association at  

GA Firing Line’s liability will be limited solely to the costs associated with the replacement and installation of parts supplied and installed by us for the original purchaser of the gunsmithing  services, and the labor associated with any such rework. However, this limited warranty shall be immediately void and shall not apply to any of the following: (1) any work or parts installation that is not performed by authorized GA Firing Line personnel; (2) any damage to persons or property resulting from the improper or unsafe handling of a firearm, any part of a firearm, or ammunition; or (3) firing with any non-SAAMI-standard ammunition.

Limitation on Liability. GA Firing Line assumes no liability, either expressed or implied, for any damage or injury to either persons or property that may result from the improper use or handling of firearms, parts of firearms or ammunition.  GA  Firing  Line neither controls, nor accepts responsibility for, the manner in which our goods, services, or work product are used, and specifically disclaims any and all liability arising from the same.     Furthermore, GA Firing Line makes no representation and disclaims any warranty as to the fitness, suitability, or condition of the products upon which it performs gunsmithing services, whether or not such products were purchased from GA Firing Line.

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