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  • Rate: $20 an hour per shooter

  • $10 gun rental with free rental swaps

  • Eye & Ear Protection for purchase

  • Selection of fun targets available to purchase

  • High-quality, low-cost ammo available

Walk-in Hours

  • Monday: 10:00am - 5:30pmpm

    • Rifle Match may use whole range -  CALL TO CONFIRM!

  • Tuesday: 10:00am-8:00pm

    • 22 League 6:00pm-8:00pm​

  • Wednesday: 10:00am-8:00pm

    • Ladies Night 6:00pm-8:00pm​

  • Thursday: 10:00am-5:00pm

    • Join our pistol match at 7pm!

  • Friday: 10:00am-8:00pm

  • Saturday: 10:00am-8:00pm

  • Sunday: 12:00pm-6:00pm


*accepting last shooters 1 hour prior to closing​


Range Memberships available now

at GA Firing Line.

For more information click on the link below!

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ga firing line lockers.webp

Our Pistol Range


Our fully renovated indoor pistol range provides 11 climate-controlled lanes. The range is rated up to .500 S&W Magnum! That’s right: all magnum calibers are welcome!

We have large, comfortable booths with plenty of light and space. The target controls are digital with distance readout displays. The air handling system is state-of-the-art, providing full climate control and clean air for the shooter.

The booths are 60 inches deep and bullet proof, providing a safe shooting environment for all our customers.

Our Rifle Range

Our rifle range provides two lanes, and is rated up to .300 Win Mag. It accepts almost all popular loads, including .223/5.56, .308, .30-30, and .30-06. Comfortable booths are provided with benches, to shoot from a seated position.


General Range Policies

  • You must have a government-issued photo ID, such as a driver’s license or passport

  • Eye and ear protection must be worn at ALL times (RX glasses with polycarbonate lenses are permitted)

  • NO mothers-to-be on the range at any time

  • NO eating, drinking, dipping, or smoking in the range

  • NO customer under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol will be permitted on the range

  • NO open toed shoes (we also advise against low cut shirts)


Pistol Range Policies

  • NO steel-core or steel jacketed ammunition in the range

  • NO rifle-caliber pistols

  • NO shot shells or slugs of any kind

  • Rapid fire is permitted on PISTOL lanes, so long as it is responsible and controlled (subject to management discretion)

  • Targets must be at least 18” x 24” ( smaller targets can be taped to the back of a store target )

  • NO more than ONE active shooter is allowed to be shooting in a lane at any given time

  • Only ONE gun can be fired at a time; you may not shoot with a gun in each hand

  • NO shooting the target while the carrier is in motion

Rifle Range Policies

  • High caliber pistols must have a brace in order to shoot at our range. No brace, no go.

  • We allow all calibers up to and including .300 Win Mag.

  • NO rapid fire in the RIFLE lanes (minimum of two full seconds between each shot)

  • NO steel-core or steel jacketed ammunition in the range

  • You must use our rifle targets in the rifle range

  • NO shooting the target while the carrier is in motion

  • Rifle shooters must remain seated

  • All rifles must have sights or optics installed

  • NO more than ONE active shooter is allowed to be shooting in a lane at any given time



If You Are Between the Ages of 18-20:

  • You are allowed to rent rifles, but not pistols

  • If you have your own pistol and ammunition, you may shoot that on our range


Rules for Children in the Range:

  • Children under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian

  • Other relations such as siblings and cousins are NOT legally authorized

  • Parent/ legal guardian must sign a minor waiver for each child admitted to the range

  • Children are required to wear double hearing protection (ear plugs AND ear muffs)


  • Recommended minimum age is twelve years old

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