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IDPA Match

Our IDPA match is based around the use of practical equipment, including full charge service ammunition, to solve simulated “real world” self-defense scenarios using practical handguns and holsters that are suitable for self-defense use. The main goal is to test the skill and ability of an individual.

The IDPA match community is made up of shooters like you who are looking to test and improve their skills through the structure of competition. While time and accuracy measure a shooter’s skill, it’s the fun and excitement of spending the day on the range with other like-minded individuals that is the true reflection of our community.


Draw Process

Almost every stage we shoot starts with drawing from the holster.  This is great self defense practice.


The only thing worse than not having your pistol is having your pistol run dry.  Our Dynamic Pistol match gets you used to reloading under pressure.

Shooting On

The Move

Nobody wants to be an easy target, so we do a lot of shooting on the move.

Situational Awareness

Dynamic Pistol matches teach you how to avoid getting tunnel vision when shooting under pressure.

Shooting Positions

We shoot from every position known to man.

Strong and Weak Hand

Life likes to throw us curve balls so we practice shooting two handed, right handed, and left handed

Rapid Fire

Everyone loves to shoot fast.  Our Dynamic pistol match teaches you to shoot faster and more accurately.


Most shooters can pull a trigger fast but what separates good shooters from great shooters is how fast you transition from target to target.


When Is your IDPA match?

Our IDPA match is held every Thursday from 6:30 -9pm.  We ask New shooters ( New to our match not shooting in general ) to arrive at 6:00pm to get signed in before attending our new shooters briefing.  First shots are fired at 6:30pm.  After the match is over we all walk next door and eat at El Rodeo.

how much does it cost?

$15 smackers

What equipment do I need to shoot the match?

  • Holster that covers your trigger guard– it can be  worn inside or outside the waistband but must be concealed by your cover garment.

  • 3 magazines

  • 2 mag holsters

  • Shirt, vest, or jacket that covers your holstered firearm

  • 50 rounds of ammo

For a detailed description of the rule set we use, please visit

shooting requirements?

  • Loading and unloading the weapon

  • Drawing from the holster and re-holstering

  • Gripping and firing the pistol with strong hand, weak hand, and both hands

  • Sight picture

  • Trigger control

  • Speed reloading (tactical reloads and slide-lock reloads)

  • Reloading and moving with a drawn weapon (finger off trigger, muzzle down-range, always)

  • Shooting positions including kneeling, prone, and barricade shooting

  • Clearing malfunctions

  • Range commands and procedures

Can i come watch before i decide to come shoot?

Absolutely.  We will be more than happy to walk you through the stages and let you watch the other competitors shoot.


is there an age limit?

Not necessarily,  We look for firearms competency over age.  Shooting our IDPA match requires shooters have a strong grasp on a lot of different shooting fundamentals.  If your youngster has those down we would be more than happy to shoot with them.

can i bring my pet chupacabra?

Yes, as long as it sells guns and doesn’t eat anyone’s goat.

will your idpa match prepare for the zombie apocalypse?

Yes and no.  Yes, it will make you a better shooter so you can get more head shots on more zombies.  No, we do not teach people how to make bunkers and grow your own garden.

can i bring a laser?


Yes, as long as your holster is made to fit your gun with a laser.

can i shoot with my shoulder holster?

Heck no!!!  Well maybe if you have a mustache…  Well…

Nope not even if you have a mustache.

Due to COVID-19, we are limiting a certain amount of shooters per match.

Please sign up on time to claim your spot.

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