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We love our employees, they are truly what makes this company great. They work their rears off for us, not because we make them. They do it because that’s who they are and they love what they do. They put each other first even when it hurts. They volunteer for the suckiest task with a smile on their face so the other guys don’t have to. The busier it gets the happier they are. They are kings among men and I consider it an honor to work with them.  If you would like to be a part of our team please feel free to drop off your resume with Rich Honeyman


-Peter Renwick


1) Supports a strong commitment to customer service and ensures a pleasant and productive experience for all customers

2) Executes all related policies, practices and direction from the  Manager

3) Monitors cash and merchandise handling at all registers.

4) Maintains a safe working environment at all times

5) Maintains strict customer confidentiality

6) Strong interpersonal skills.

7) Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with co-workers, associates and customers

8) Flexible availability – including nights, weekend, and holidays

9) Ability to meet the Federal requirements for handling and processing firearm transactions by successfully completing a background check

10) Ability to adjust priorities and manage time wisely in a fast-paced environment

11) Ability to communicate in a clear, concise manner and listen attentively to others

12) Assist customers with basic firearm handling techniques and purchases including, selection and appropriate paperwork to complete the sale.

13) Maintain cleanliness and organization of the store, storage areas, bathrooms and back rooms.


14) Assist customers with range check in including selling ammunition, renting firearms, assigning lanes, and processing cash register transactions.


15) Ability to operate, demonstrate and explain merchandise -- Understand and be proficient in restricted and non-restricted sales, refunds/returns, Consignment, Gift Cards, Member and Non- Members use of the facilities.


16) Ability to operate  equipment -- cash registers, inventory scanners, telephones,  and range equipment.


17) Ensure safety on the range by observing all users and respectfully, but immediately ceasing any behavior that could be considered unsafe.


18 Assist in opening & closing of range and store.


19) Knowledge of the company's mission, purpose, and goals.


20) Understand and be proficient in firearms sales and forms as required by Federal and State and Local laws; Form 4473, call procedures and response Implications.


21) Knowledge of gun rentals, range equipment and, basic gunsmithing.


22) Dress appropriately for position adhering to facility dress code

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