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Laser Engraving

Get your firearm engraved as required by the NFA quickly and cost effectively by GA Firing Line. When dropping off your firearm, please include any details such as placement, font, graphics, or any other particulars you may desire for your engraving. We don't like to assume incorrectly, so the more information you can provide the better, it will help prevent any unnecessary delays. For turnaround time, normally 1-2 days. But if you schedule with us ahead of time we can engrave it while you wait (20-30 minutes). “While you wait” services are only available on Monday-Friday.


Price NFA: $60


Turn Around Time:

Can take up to 48/hrs.


Schedule with us: 30 mins.


Custom engraving starts at $50, and is quoted on a case by case basis.



  • Restrictions: at the time we are not offering laser grip stippling, but it is something we will offer in the near future. 

  • Every polymer is different, settings will need to be fine tuned. In order to get the best result on your firearm, we may ask to first do a test engraving on an inconspicuous area on your gun.

  • Exposing steel by engraving through the finish can lead to rust. If it is a common color we can apply air dry cerakote on top of the engraving. We also offer professional cerakote services and will be happy to engrave your item before cerakoting as in the picture provide. This provides a more discreet engraving.

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