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Custom CZ 75 with slide cut for Novak sites, full trigger job, cerakoted Sniper grey.

Finding the perfect sight setup makes all the difference in the world when it comes to improving your accuracy and speed.  CZ sight options are somewhat limited. Cutting your slide to accept Novak style rear sights opens up a world of new rear sight options so you can find the your perfect sight setup.   






SRS or "short reset system" trigger job starts by cutting the single action reset in half giving you much faster splits when shooting at full speed.  We then upgrade the hammer spring, firing pin block plunger spring, firing pin lifter arm spring, and install a short arm lifter and spring.  The result is a dramatic 50% reduction in your double action pull wieght. 

Our full trigger job is a must have if you own a cz.  It transforms the heavy, gritty double action factory trigger pull into a smooth light weight pull that is reliable down to the 7-8lb range.  The single action reset is cut in half while relocating the triggers starting point 5mm to the rear making it much easier to reach.  The full trigger job also reduces the trigger total pull travel to an astonishing 4mm giving you a very 1911 feel.  

Don't see what your looking for?  Don't worry we  work on just about everything.  Call us at 770-425-8461 or email us to see if we can help. 

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