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Andy came to work for us in 2011.  Upon arrival he immediately started adding value to our gunsmithing department by quickly eating through a 6 month backlog while simultaneously raising the the bar on what it means to do quality work.   Since that time he has worked hard to oversee the continued growth of the gunsmithing department from one guy with a bench and some hand tools to a full service smith shop producing everything from precision rifles to one off hand built custom 1911s 


Early 2015 we realized that in order to continue growing we were going to need another gunsmith.  Enter Andrew Lewis who was, like Andy, a graduate of the Colorado school of trades. Andrew started out cleaning guns and handling pretty much anything that needed to be done.  His next step was to take over our Cerakoting operation.  In the beginning we were only offering single color Cerakote jobs.  Now we can do just about anything you can imagine! His ingenuity and drive hasn't stopped with Cerakote, he also took over our stippling/polymer frame work which he took to a whole new level with the addition borders, scallops, and more patterns to suit you needs.  In addition to growing our Cerakote and stippling operations, he is a full service gunsmith, fixing/modifying just about anything you can throw at him.    


John, the newest addition to the team, graduated from the Colorado School of trades.  You will typically see him 6 days a week, as he is working hard to help us reach the next step in our shops smithing journey.  On most days John will be the friendly face you see when you come back to the shop.  His hands are on just about every job that comes through the shop in one way on another as he plays a big role in the behind the scenes of what is going on.


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