Bowling pin matches are one of the best ways to transition from static shooting to the more dynamic side of pistol shooting.   The simple layout makes it easy to learn, while maintaining the ever present competitive drive to become a better shooter.  While the matches are a competition, they are very light hearted with no pressure to perform.  All of our shooters are very supportive and eager to help you grow your shooting skill set.

Our bowling pin matches are held every Monday night from 6:30pm-8:30pm.

Event Details

Upon arrival, make your way to the range counter to sign our range waiver.  You will want to arrive around 5:45 to allow time to sign in.  We will begin at 6pm and will shoot until you run out of ammo or 8pm, which ever comes first.   You are more than welcome to bring multiple pistols for your shooting pleasure.  Once you enter the range, check in with our range safety officer to coordinate where to place your pistol and ammo.  We spent days raiding all the local thrift stores so you will have a wide variety of seemingly useless household items to destroy.  Extra points will be awarded for the most glorious destruction of said house hold items.  Points will be useful for absolutely nothing other than obtaining massive amounts of “Street Cred”.  

What WIll I Need

  • Pistol of choice

  • Lots of ammo

  • More ammo

  • All your friends

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