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Sat, Feb 19


Rifle Ranch

Hike & Shoot: Prep

Prepare your skillsets for our Hike and Shoot event.

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Hike & Shoot: Prep
Hike & Shoot: Prep

Time & Location

Feb 19, 2022, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM EST

Rifle Ranch, Co Rd 526, Alabama 36263, USA

About the event

Hike and Shoot Prep is all about developing the skillsets used during our Hike and Shoot event.

We would like to give everyone an opportunity to improve upon and practice what we do at the

Hike and Shoot. If you haven’t shot a Hike and Shoot event but want to, or if you have shot all

of them and would like to get better, this is going to be a great class for you. It will be broken up

into 4 (2hr) modules.

Pistol module:

In the Pistol module we will begin with advanced accuracy. Accuracy is the foundation that

everything builds on. With our accuracy base established, we will move on to shooting fast

without compromising our accuracy (one of our favorite parts). The next element we will

address is your draw stroke. In this section we will refine your draw to make it as efficient as

possible which will make it significantly faster. We will then move into reloads and target


Topics covered:

 Advanced accuracy

 Rapid fire and recoil management

 Draw stroke

 Reloads

 Target transitions

Rifle Marksmanship/Ballistics workup module:

In this module we are going to help you achieve the full accuracy potential of your rifle system

throughout its entire effective range. We will start by working on the fundamentals of

marksmanship. It has been our experience that a good shooter can make a mediocre rifle look

good. Once our marksmanship skillset is where it needs to be, we will begin capturing and

inputting all the data we need to create a ballistic solution to engage targets at distance. This is

achieved by finding the ballistic coefficient of the projectile in the round you shoot and then

measuring how fast your projectile comes out of the gun. Once this is captured we input it all

into your ballistic calculator with your rifle specs. Now we have what we need to be able

accurately predict what we need to dial or hold over in our scope to engage a target as far out

as your gun will shoot. If you haven’t downloaded a ballistic calculator we have a

recommendation for you that is only $10.

Topics covered:

 Rifle configuration

 Fundamentals of marksmanship

 Understanding your reticle and how it applies to hold over

 How to obtain data needed to create a ballistic solution

 How to use a ballistic calculator (we have recommended calculators)

Engaging targets at distance Module:

Drum roll please….. It’s time to see how far you can stretch out your rifle! This is the proving

ground for all the work you did in the earlier rifle module. With quality fundamentals and good

data in your ballistic calculator, you will be astonished with what you will be able to do at

distance. In addition to seeing what your rifle will do at distance we will be checking and truing

up the data in your ballistic calculator at each distance ranging from around 200-800yds.

Topics covered:

 Using your ballistic calculator to engage targets

 Truing your ballistic solution based on hits at distance

 Discovering how far you can effectively engage targets with your rifle.

Positional shooting module:

Most of the rifle shooting we do at the Hike and Shoot is done off of some type of improvised

position ranging from solid to terrible (we take great pride in the latter). The positional

shooting module is setup to help you practice building stability on a large array of obstacles

such as cars, dirt berms, tank traps, barricades, rocks, logs, etc.

Topics covered:

 How to create a stable shooting position on a wide variety of obstacles.

Equipment needed:

 Carbine with a minimum of a 3x power magnified optic, sling, and 4 rifle mags.

 300 rds of QUALITY ammo. We need to be able to determine the exact manufacturer

and model of the projectile. Please call us if you have any questions about this. No

green tip or steel core ammo.

 Pistol with a quality holster, 3 mags and 400rds of pistol ammo. You must be able to re-

holster your pistol with one hand. No cross draw or cloth holsters will be permitted.

 Water, lunch and plenty of snacks for the day.


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