Bowling pin matches are one of the best ways to transition from static shooting to the more dynamic side of pistol shooting.   The simple layout makes it easy to learn, while maintaining the ever present competitive drive to become a better shooter.  While the matches are a competition, they are very light hearted with no pressure to perform.  All of our shooters are very supportive and eager to help you grow your shooting skill set.

Our bowling pin matches are held every Monday night from 6:30pm-8:30pm.

Bowling Pins will be moved on Wednesdays starting Jan 23rd.

What to expect

Upon arrival, make your way to the range counter where you will sign in on our range sign-in sheet.  We ask that you have your firearm unloaded prior to entering the store. Once you complete the range sign-in sheet you will need to fill out your score card with your name, pistol division, and email address.  Our bowling pin match operates a “cold range,” which means all pistols must remain unloaded, mag out, and slide locked to the rear at all times.  Now that you have completed your paperwork, make your way into the range where you will place your range bag/pistol on the tables lining the walls with the muzzle facing the wall.  At 6:30 there will quick safety briefing/explanation of the rules, after which we will begin shooting.

What Will I Need

1. Pistol

2. One mag (semi-autos)


3. ​54 Bullets​


4. Healthy appetite for shooting


1. Pistols must remain unloaded with slide locked to the rear and magazine out until the range safety officer instructs you to load at the line.  Any handling of a loaded gun outside of being told to do so by a range safety officer will result in an immediate disqualification for the evening.

2. The shooter will have six shots to knock five pins off of the table at 25 feet.

3. The shooter will begin standing with the pistol held at a 45 degree angle at a line on the floor of the range.

4. Pins must be knocked off of the table for the hit to count.

5. Every pin left standing is a 3 second penalty added onto the shooter’s time.

Pistol Divisions


Any safe, rimfire pistol that does not have an optic or muzzle device.


Rimfire Unlimited

Unlimited rimfire class allows for rimfire pistols with optics and/or muzzle devices.



Any safe, centerfire revolver that does not have a muzzle device or optic.



Any safe, centerfire pistol that does not have an optic or muzzle device.


Centerfire Unlimited

Centerfire unlimited class allows for centerfire pistols with optics and or muzzle devices

Course of Fire

Each “round” contains three “strings” of fire. On each string the shooter will have six bullets to shoot five bowling pins.  For every pin left standing there is a three second penalty.  Each round is scored by averaging the shooter’s two best string times. The shooter’s worst string per round will be thrown out. The lowest time wins.

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