You are the bold, the strong willed, the ones who scoff in the face of practicality.


You are the people who worry about the possibility of not being attacked by a bear, hippo, or elephant in your lifetime.  You are BIG BORE pistol shooters.

We are taking a night to celebrate the gluttons of recoil with a night of ridiculous fun and destruction.

Fireball Contest

One of the greatest things about Big Bore shooting is the massive mushroom cloud of a muzzle blast that comes out of the barrel.  So we will be having a contest to see which gun makes the most impressive fireball.

Water Jug Removal

There are few things in life as satisfying as watching things explode.  We intend to see which of you can produce the most glorious water jug explosion.

Pin Murder

Bowling pins are a lot like the undead.  You knock them over with a bowling ball then they get back up, time, after time, after time.  So we thought we would go ahead and bring a little fire power into the equation to see if we can kill some bowling pins once and for all.

Kitchen Appliance Shoot

Lets face it, everyone hates having to clean the kitchen.  So we are looking into more efficient ways to clean out the kitchen by removing every appliance that makes a mess.  Remove the source remove the problem.

Event Details

When you arrive at the shop make your way over to the range counter to sign the range waiver.  Once you have signed the range waiver (we are not responsible for any catastrophic reloading failures), ask for a range officer at the range counter, they will guide you into the range to layout your monster firearms.  


We will begin blowing crap up at 6PM SHARP so do not be late or you will miss the fireball competition.  We will then proceed to create mayhem as we work through each shooting event.


At the end of the night one shooter will get a trophy for the most glorious fireball! We expect the event to last about 2 hours but who knows. We will see what happens.


We have decided to allow 41mag to join in our fun but only if they are loaded hot.  Any lighter caliber will be booed out of the range.  



Please sign up online in advance so we can gauge how much stuff we need to bring for you to destroy.


To sign up click on the button labeled “BOOK NOW”.

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