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The .22 League Match is an NRA Bull’s Eye style rapid fire match, shot at a distance of 50 feet, with a .22 caliber pistol every Tuesday night at 6:30pm.


  • .22 Caliber pistol, revolver or semi-automatic, with minimum of two magazines

  • 70-100 rounds minimum of .22 LR ammunition, for failures or practice time 6 B-3 NRA 50 Ft

  • Target hanger, provided by range or shooter can bring their own, must fit target clip

  • Eye and Ear Protection is required, baseball cap is optional, but recommended

  • $1 for 5 Card Draw Poker Match, (Optional)

  • No sandals or flip-flops may be worn during match

  • GA Firing Line Range Rules will apply during match as well

Due to COVID-19, masks are required for our shooters.

Match Instructions:

Setup/practice for the match will begin at 6pm.  Shooters will sign in to the weekly match sheet and also make sure they are on the monthly scoring sheet as well, if they plan on shooting for the entire month, otherwise, they will not be eligible for the drawing.

The match will start promptly at 6:30pm

Shooter will step up to the line and place the unloaded pistol on the table, pointing in a safe direction, down range, with action open. Shooter will then load the two magazines with 5 rounds each. Shooter will then hang two targets, side by side and send down range to 50 foot stop. Shooter may use one or two handed grip, with iron sights; red-dot, non magnified scopes are authorized, but shooter can only shoot with one handed grip

Range Master will then assure shooters are ready to commence match and give commands as follows for each round:

  1. “Shooters, please load a magazine of 5 rounds in your pistol for your first round fire” (RM will assure everyone has completed task)

  2. RM will then give fire commands, “Shooters ready, set, fire!”

  3. RM will monitor string of fire, until finished, paying attention for misfires, jams, or other


  4. Once RM confirms string of fire is complete, RM will give command to reload, “Ready for

    your next 5 rounds, please load your next 5”

  5. Repeat steps 1-3

  6. Once RM confirms second string of fire is completed, command is given to retrieve target,

    “Shooters, please bring your targets in and replace with new targets; then reload

    empty magazines.”

  7. Repeat steps 1-6

This process is repeated again, two more times, for a total of six targets.

Bonus 5 Card Draw Poker Match:

At the end of each match, shooters may participate in a 5 Card Draw Poker Match shoot. This is optional and shooters do not need to participate to be entered into the monthly drawing. If shooters are interested, the cost is $1, which is added to the current week money pot. ($1 per week, is deducted from the pot, to cover costs of cards)

Each shooter is dealt 5 cards, similar to a poker match. The cards will be hung, back side of card facing shooter. The distance for the card match is 15 feet for iron sights and 20 feet for red dot sights. The card match is run exactly like the target match, with the same range commands, for one complete round of fire, 2X5 shot strings. The goal is to shoot each card twice, to get maximum score.

Once the match is complete, the highest score wins the card money pot, minus $1.00 for the cost of the cards.

Each month two wild cards are selected, which are worth 15 points each, per hit. Face cards, Joker and Aces are worth 10 points each and all others are face value, excluding wild cards. Each hit is scored as the value of that particular card.

For example 2 x hits on a face card (that is not a wild card) would equal 2 x lO points = 20 points.

Once the card match is completed, the cards are retrieved, guns are cleared and secured in gun bags/boxes, and the lane is cleared for the next shooter.

One important note, cards that fall to the floor downrange are not counted or scored, nor may they be replaced.


An experienced club member will help you the first few times, but basically it is easier to count up the misses rather than the hits. Add up both your individual score and your X ring count on each target and enter the 5 best targets on the score sheet beside their name.

The shooter will then add up your card count and enter it next to your name also.


Score Examples:

A perfect score is 500 – 50x. Scores run from 498 and down.

Remember, just like in golf, you are not playing against others but in this case shooting against yourself. The goal is to have fun and become a better shot in the process.


Any shooter, who participates for an entire month, 3 weeks of a 4 week month and 4 weeks, of a 5 week month, will be entered into a monthly drawing for one of three GA Firing Line Gift certificates, a $15, $10 and $5, to be used for range purchases.


What To Do If It Jams?

First, keep the gun pointed downrange at all times. Do not attempt to clear it at that time.

Wait until everyone else has completed their string. Second, inform the Range Master that you have encountered a problem. He will then stop the match long enough to allow you to safely clear your weapon, reload, and fire the correct number of rounds to complete your string. Normal match procedures will then be resumed.

How Good Do I Need To Be:

There is no requirement for a given level of skill to participate, however in consideration of the other shooters and our range equipment, the .22 league is not the place for a beginner to learn basic handgun shooting skills.

While we enthusiastically welcome new shooters into our group, it was never intended to be a forum for teaching basic handgun safety and elementary shooting skills.

For those without handgun experience or without enough handgun experience, GA Firing Line has an excellent Handgun Safety Course that was carefully designed to provide an introduction into the safe operation of a handgun.

A beginning .22 league shooter should, at the very least, be capable of keeping all of his shots on an 8 1⁄2 x 11 sheet of paper at 50 feet, and is not considered good form to hit (and damage) the target holders.
Shooters are not permitted to lean against the wall, the shooting bench edge, or support the pistol in any other manner while shooting.

What if I Miss a Week?

Make-up matches may be accomplished by firing in two (or more) relays on the same match date, however, you will be charged separately for the additional makeup matches.

Suggestions to New Shooters:

1. Test your handgun with a variety of ammo brands, bullet weights, and velocities to determine which works best. Many guns shoot well with CCI Mini Mags, but not all.

2. Use a suitable pistol bench rest for these ammo tests.

3. Develop a standard procedure for shooting a match that works well for you and then follow it conscientiously.

4. Practice shooting the match repeatedly, following the standard match procedure, until it becomes habit.

5. Observe other shooters to see what works for them, but try to develop you own particular method or style of shooting. See what works best for you, your gun, and your sighting system.

6. Older shooters can benefit greatly from special prescription shooting glasses.

7. Lamar Hunt, assisted by Mario Campisano, is in charge of the .22 matches and shall be the final authority for any match related issues or questions.

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